I'm a teenager, living and attending school in the state of California. I've done a lot of things with my life, in just the short few years I've been around my field. One day I hope to continue what I'm doing and persue a career either with the Air Force in computer developement and sciences, or continue to work in the gaming field as a Tournament Organizer and Stream Management.   My entire life I've strived to be at least second and to do better than what I am, but only for myself. I used to live by the understading that life is always going to shadow me, making me feel like I was always behind someone. In the Spring of 2015, that changed. Somehow with the help of six other nerds who shared the same passions as me, I started to grow. One of the best and darkest times of my life took place while I worked alongside my 6 best friends at a company, Oomba. In the year and a half I worked with them, I met hundreds of future colleagues and took my first steps into gaming streams and gaming tournaments. I worked as a Tournament Organizer
Our old tournament venue