What I Do.

  Besides gaming, I enjoy a minimal amount of things. Despite how it seems, I do love the outdoors and sports. I frequently play soccer and currently do figure skating aside from my daily trainwereck.
If I'm in a lazier mood, I'll stay in cozy up and watch some Crunchyrool. I am, sadly, a constant watcher of anime. My favorite being Gurren Lagann with the Death Note (manga and anime) at a close second. Anime has always been like that guilty pleasure of mine that has been hidden because of it's embarassing qualities.
  I also do a lot of theater work; technical that is. In the short 5 years I've been involved in theater I've done 24 shows in total. I've worked almost every tech position you can think of. Costumes, Deck, Lights, Makeup, Set, Sound, Stage Management, even choreography - I've done it. I've helped produce more musicals and plays than any 15 year old should have, but I lve it. Theater has always been a secondary passtime to me and something I love to do. It balances me out, If I'm stressed about work, I turn to theater, and visa-versa.
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