What I Do.

  I currently work for a company named LanFest where I work stream management for their video game tournaments and host tournaments myself as a Tournament Organizer for bigger games such as Super Smash Bros 4 and Counter Strike: Global Offensive. I love gaming personally but excell more with behind the scenes work instead of up front gameplay itself. I've had the chace to help teams like EnnyMura and Vaatu, a big streaming duo, with their work at Dave and Busters with Falcon Punch Friday events and even traveled to Esports events with them. I've traveled all over the state attending and working different conventions such as PAX: West and even stream team at some of the worlds biggest conventions like EVO 2016.   Traveling with work is something I never imagined doing at my age. Being invited to public events and guesting at conventions with my teams is such a mind boggling experience. One thing I'm still not used to is going to gaming events and having people recognize the teams I've worked with and know me from prior oppurtunities I've had. My career is a field I never imagined myself working in, but know that I've dicovered what I'm good at, I can't imagine myself going back. My job is everything to me.
One of LanFest's Atlanta Tournaments